Revolution Infosystems

Call Management Software

Call Log Management Software provides a service providing companies to manage the customer call logs from clients. It automates the AMC call log management of any automation Company Who has a contract with client for AMC Services. Call Log Management Software is web based cloud ready application can be accessed or used by client from anywhere at any time. It has following modules

Stake Holders/Actors

  • Employees :- Company employees include, admin, service engineer at HO, service engineer at Service Center(Station), Purchase Manager at HO, Store At HO
  • Roles :- Software role, Purchase Manager, Service Engineer AT HO, Service Engineer At Service Center (Station) , Customer , Store Manager at Company HO
  • Actions:-Call logs (Ticketing), Requisition against ticketing, PO Generation, Dispatch against Ticketing, Inventory Level Maintenance.
  • Reporting:-Various MIS Reports like Employee Activity Logging, Call logging and Down time, Inventory Status, Material against Project/ AMC.
  • Customer:- Company customer having AMC contract with Company.

Admin Role

This will be the super user who is responsible for controlling every activity from the system. It has following activities –

  • Creating Employees
  • Creating Projects, Sites, Zones, Service Center(Station)
  • Manage AMC’s
  • Define Requisition Benchmark and Authorities
  • Assign Roles
  • MIS Reporting
    • Employee Log Report
    • Call Log Reports
    • Call Log with downtime
    • Customer Log Reports

All reports will work the specified parameters like from date and to date with other filters.

Service Engineer HO

  • Define Check Point as Per Item
  • View Requisition
  • View Stock at HO Store
  • Approve Requisition
  • Send For Approval
  • Receive Material from Site (Faulty)
  • Send for Repair or Replacement

Purchase Manager HO

  • View Requisition
  • View Stock
  • Assign Purchase Order to Requisition

Store Manager at HO

  • Define Item Catalog
  • Define Inventory Minimum and Maximum Levels (HO)
  • Define Inventory Minimum and Maximum Levels(Service Center)
  • Inward Purchased
  • Inward Repaired
  • Dispatch Item as per Requisition
  • PO Request as per Inventory Level.

Service Engineer Service Center

  • Log Call
  • View and Close Call
  • Generate Requisition
  • Receive Items Dispatch (update service center inventory)


  • Log the Call
  • View Call status
  • View closed calls
  • View open calls


  • Every Activity is Authenticated (Everybody need to login in system).
  • Works with Static IP as well as can be hosted on Domain & Hosting.
  • Web Based Application can be accessed using browser on any OS.