Revolution Infosystems

Mobile Website Development

There are currently more than 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions around the world, and nearly 4 out of every 5 people have a mobile phone. Increasingly, these are smart phones and tablets with the ability to access web pages and the internet. With such a large portion of the world connected to the internet through mobile technology, it is absolutely vital that businesses adapt their websites for proper viewing and use on mobile devices.
Usually websites appear to be all jumbled up or are very difficult to navigate through, when accessed via a mobile phone or a smart phone. At ANGLER, we offer top-notch mobile web design and development services to help you reach your scattered target audience and which can be easily accessed on smart phone browsers such as the iPhone/iPad, Andorid and Blackberry.
Revolution Infosystems has the experience and the knowledge to tailor your mobile website to the size and capabilities of mobile phones. We have trained and experienced programmers and engineers who can competently create high-quality mobile-based websites that will help you reach your customers, no matter where they are in the world. Without a properly formatted mobile site, your business is missing out on a large portion of potential customers.
Mobiles websites should be different than your existing websites, since it has limitation of the processing capacity, resolutions, hybrid platforms and devices. Mobile website is needs different layouts, architecture, navigation system and content display system which need to be designed and developed using mobiles website development technologies like HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile etc.

Why Revolution Infosystems for Mobile Websites?

  • Innovative Designs.
  • Easy Navigation System.
  • Multi Platform Development.
  • Hybrid Platform and Devices Support.
  • Easy Browsing.
  • Optimization and Analytics.
  • Optimized Page Designs.
  • Focus on usability.
  • No visual noise by trimming the site to the exposed minimum design factors, enabling effective web pages appearance on your mobile devices.
  • Smooth mobile transition and animations.