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Business Directory Or Classified Portals

Over the years, classified advertisements have grown from newspapers to the internet targeting customers in a more organized and economical solution via classified portals. Such portals have emerged as the perfect destination for many small and large establishments to gain visibility and offer customers the facility to search within a highly organized directory to locate desired products, services or solutions.
Types of Classified Portal Websites:
1. Service Suppliers & Buyer Portal:
In the Classified Portal Development, service providers make their profile incorporating the items and administrations. Dealer likewise makes the contact data and offers. Purchasers visit the website and quest for obliged administration or item. Classified Portal shows rundown of all merchants or administration suppliers consistent with predefined calculation where buyer can head off to each dealer profile and post the solicitation or prerequisite which will be immediately sent to the merchant or administration supplier where vender or administration supplier will react to the vendor or purchaser.
2. Seller and Buyer Automatic Match Making :
In Classified Portal Web Development the dealer present their offers according to the services and products of the seller or service provider. Purchaser will present his/her prerequisite on the web portal, web portal immediately matches the purchaser necessity to the seller services and items and send the purchaser data to vendor and dealer data to purchaser.


  • Advanced and Latest List/Catalogue Management
  • Paid/Free Advertisements
  • Categories Management
  • Sub-Categories Management
  • Product Photo Gallery
  • Full Order Management Control Panel
  • Run Promotions (Vouchers, coupons)
  • Content Management
  • Customer Accounts Management
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Customer Review and Feed Back
  • Compare products
  • New registration


  • Add-Edit Unlimited Categories
  • Add-Edit Unlimited Sub-Categories
  • Add- Edit Unlimited Products
  • SMS /Email Gateway Configuration
  • Installment Gateway Configuration
  • SEO Friendly Classified Portals