Revolution Infosystems

Outsourced Application Development

IT outsourcing enables businesses to get optimum performance sans losing focus on strategic business processes. It provides access to a pool of talented, trained and highly skilled individuals proficient at delivering efficient, scalable, robust and cost-effective solutions.
The obvious risks of expanding an IT department in-house are high-costs and operational discontinuity. At Revolution Infosystems, we analyze your business requirements and assess existing systems to develop highly scalable solutions intended to streamline all mission-critical processes. It is our expertise in different technologies and exposure to various industries that has enabled us to establish long-term mutually benefiting alliances with our clients.
Revolution Infosystems has its own offshore outsourced project management and development center equipped with latest technologies and infrastructure. Our outsourced project management team is highly trained on methodologies and technologies those are required to manage the outsourced project. Outsourced project management not only need persons trained on higher end technologies but also should be familiar with global communication and standards.

Benefits by outsourcing to Revolution Infosystems:

  • Add Strategic Value.
  • Focus on Core Business.
  • Increased Operational Flexibility.
  • Improved Service Quality.
  • Reduced Investment.
  • Ability to Scale.
  • Reduce Costs.
  • Separate portal to monitor project progress (Online).