Revolution Infosystems

School Bus Software

School Bus Software is unique utility software product of Revolution Infosystems, which help the schools to manage their vehicle facility online and will help to create schedule and execute the bus trips. This will be web application, developed using technologies, which is SMS and email gateway enabled can be used to notify the users of the application. School Bus Management software has complete interaction of parents, schools to manage the transportation of the schools.


User Section

  • Register New Student for Bus Facility.
  • Edit Exiting Student For Bus Facility.
  • Complaint Registration
  • Complaint Status
  • Receive Messages and Emails from the website regarding time changes.
  • Following business logic will be implemented in user section -
  • No need of login to the user
  • Mobile number of verification at various stages
  • No need to remember the password.

Admin Section

Configure following things
  • School
  • School Type
  • Bus
  • Root
  • Complaint Type
  • Shift
Trip Management
  • New Trip
  • Edit Trip
  • Change Password
  • Send Common Message
  • Logout
  • Bus wise Report
  • Root Wise Report
  • Shift wise report
  • School Wise
  • School Type wise

Following business logic will be implemented in admin section -

  • Timings will be automatically calculated as per distance and average speed of the vehicle.
  • SMS will be sent to the registered student if there is change in time.


  • Simple and user friendly.
  • Can be accessed using internet no installation needed.
  • Reports will be generated using crystal reports
  • Easy navigation.